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Ansell Solvex® 37-176
Panjang 33 cm
Tersedia size 9 (M)
Harga untuk 1pasang sarung tangan

Versatile chemical protection that performs across a diverse range of applications.
Bisa digunakan untuk kondisi kering atau basah dimana proteksi terhadap bahan kimia berbahaya sangat penting

Coating Material : Nitrile
Thickness : 0.38 mm
Latex Free : Yes
Chlorinated : Yes
Anti-static : No
Silicone Free : No
Coating Color : Green
Construction : Unsupported
Cuff Style : Gauntlet
Grip Design : Reversed Lozenge

– High performance nitrile compound provides an outstanding combination of chemical resistance and strength.
–  Offers superior snag, puncture and abrasion protection over rubber or neoprene gloves.
–  Suitable for heavy-duty cleaning applications.
– High levels of flexibility, comfort and dexterity.
– 37-176 does not promote contact dermatitis.

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