Road Barrier Excel AL 500 TB


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Deskripsi :

Road divider, specially manufactured to limit the road to traffic jams. It can also be used as a roadblock, by combining them into a barricade.

Lightweight, strong and durable, making the Excel Traffic Barrier a more flexible roadblock option because it is easy to transport and install. It can be filled with water for optimum stability, which will also minimize damage to the vehicle in the event of an impact.

Length x Width x Height = 100cm x 50cm x 80cm

Some of the road Barrier Excel features:
– HOOK LOCK: Can be combined into a road divider by combining the hook locks on both sides.
– FILLING HOLES: Water/sand filling holes as ballast located above the product.
– DRAIN HOLE: Serves to empty water/sand when stored or transported.

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