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Deskripsi :
The high model safety shoe JURONG 2 S1 is a safety shoe with a PU-PU sole.
This sole also features the Bata Industrials Tunnelsystem
This is a distinctive notch in the heel of the shoe which adjusts as the heel hits the ground,
spreading the pressure over a larger surface area.
SKU: 804-6577

Workmates safety shoes are strong and designed for durable personal protection.
Developed on an asymmetrical last which gives you a better fitting and more comfort.
These safety shoes are equipped with durable materials such as full grain leather.
The Workmates outsoles feature the Bata Tunnelsystem and direct injected in double density PU-PU material.
Industry : Automotive, Cement, Construction, Logistics

Gender : Male

Characteristics : AntiSlip, Double Density Outsole, Oil Resistance, Steel Toe Cap -200 J, Tunnel System
Temperature : Cold/Normal
Moisture : Dry
Safety Norm : CE EN ISO 20345:2004
Safety Category : S1

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