Bata Bickz


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Deskripsi :
Kondisi: Baru
Berat: 3.000 Gram
Kategori: Safety Boots
Etalase: Semua Etalase
BATA BICKZ is a very comfortable work safety shoe.
The safety category for these shoes is S1 and these shoes are very suitable for dry,
cold and normal working environments.
This high work safety shoe features a Dual Density PU-PU sole.
Bickz steel toe covers can withstand a fall of up to 200J.


This system is a special notch on the heel of the shoe that functions when
the heel of the shoe touches the surface, spreading pressure to the entire larger surface area.
With the uniqueness of this system, the user’s body weight does not affect the function.

Characteristics : Anti Slip, Pressure Absorbing Air Gap, Double-density Shoe Soles,
Oil Resistant

Shoe sole material : PU-PU (Double Density)

Temperature : Cold / Normal

Moisture : Dry

Safety Standards ISO AS / NZS 2210.3: 2009 CE EN ISO

bisa cek langsung via WA 089601608773/089523942131

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